I am Jules. I have a wonderful husband named Harlan and two of the most adorable boys you'll ever meet: Sawyer and Keegan. I am a working momma who likes to get crafty in my spare moments. I was born and raised just south of Houston, TX and it's where I am raising my family today.

I am constantly being inspired by the world wide web and the world around me. I love being crafty and want a place to share my adventures. So, here we are. I started this blog as a place to grow and find myself, thus the original blog name Create Normal. I think normal is all relative now and it's constantly changing. I also don't think normal designates boring and mundane. Normal for me is all about being able to roll with the punches and staying genuine. 

I hope to stay inspired and crafty for a long time. The craft world keeps my in to-do projects list long. I love most crafty endeavors. Except knitting. Don't know if I will ever manage 2 needles. Crocheting with one needle is fine for me. I love to play with pretty paper and pictures. I love to sew pretty things. I am willing to sew anything that will fit in my machine. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you want to know more, shoot me an email: jules(at)juleshollis(dot)com or catch me on Twitter or Facebook

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